Horse Guards Gin plus 3 FREE Pedrino Spritz


We’re mixing things up a bit!

It’s definitely spritz weather and we want you to try something a bit different. We will send you a FREE set of the Pedrino Spritz trio with every bottle of gin you purchase. These amazing mixers are a perfect ‘tonic’ to your gin. Give them a go we think you’ll be thrilled with the results! Simply pour onto your gin serve, as you would your regular tonic.

Whatever your occasion, the first drink matters, so start with a Horse Guards Gin and Pedrino Spritz.

Pedrino Vermouth & Tonic: A floral blend, with subtle notes of melon, floral botanicals and grapefruit.

Pedrino Sherry & Tonic: A bittersweet blend, with subtle notes of stone fruits, raisins and orange blossom.

Pedrino Ruby & Tonic: A citrus blend, with subtle notes of red berries, plum and bitter lemon.

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